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IUMA: Michael Radtke

non compos(er) mentis. not of sound mind. Factioid 1: My first composition was written on a guitar in 1959 about race car drivers. Factiod 2: At one time or another I played piano, accordion, baritone horn, organ, banjo, saxophone.... some might say I never found my instrument. Factoid 3: I have been re-introduced to music through computers amd synthetic instruments. Thank you for listening.


Reviewer: mracky - - November 20, 2013
Subject: Wrong order
Six of these pieces were part of the Bookkeeper Suite. The correct order is:
Office Overture
Tax Appointment
Morning Break
(Bank) Reconciliation
Profit and Loss
Training the Apprentice

Matting One of the Nudes is a piano etude not part of the Bookkeeper Suite

Michael Radtke